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Smart Frugal Lover Choices that Make It to the Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts List

Love, the eternal blissful sensation, is too noble a feeling to be confined to the timed celebration of Valentine week every February. However, in our busy schedule of modern day lifestyle, it might not always be possible to showcase the love or let your loved ones know how much you care. This is where Valentine week, starting on February 7 and culminating on Valentine’s Day on February 14, comes into play.

Traditionally celebrated as the 3rd century Roman Christian martyr St. Valentine’s Day, this is the time to take a break from your monotonous domestic chores and stressful professional commitments and show your loved one(s) how much you cherish the love you share the year round. Thus Valentine gifts have long become a time-honored symbol of demonstrating your love and friendship, whether it is couple love or familial bonding that you share.

V Gifts

Now if you have exhausted your usual quota of gifting cards, flowers, chocolates etc. on Valentine’s Day every year, read on for some interesting gifting ideas for couples at budget-friendly prices.

How to Personalise Your Love?

As idealistic as it may sound, love can indeed come wrapped in a cushion, coffee mug or even table tops or coasters if you are willing to go the extra mile for your partner. Online personalized gifts have made your love life so much easier; a mere click of your mouse is all you need to order your love quotient on Valentine’s Day.

• Personalised Cushions: Envelop your feeling eternally on a cushion to cuddle up beside him/her during moments of love. If you are the procrastinating type still thinking as to where to buy Valentine Gifts for her, look no further than custom-made cushions with you and your partner’s pictures embossed in them. These cushions usually have single or multiple images of your special moments together, printed on them along with other details such as your names and sometimes even stamped with your anniversary dates or love dates.

Fast becoming the rage for unique gifting ideas on Valentine’s Day, these cushions may come with an additional love quote which can be customized as per your preference. Whether portrayed as a single big picture or a collage of your mutual moments, these cushions are sure to bring a smile to your lover’s face and fix it there for many more years to come.

• Illustrated Mugs: Make it a delight sipping your regular cuppa in a coffee mug printed with you and your loved one’s names and pictures on it. You have hordes of choices with such mug gifts and you may include single names, or both your names along with initials, while pictures can be custom-made as either single or college of your best moments.

Now thrash your orthodox ideas of gifts for Valentine with such customization effects incorporated into your regular coffee mug. Alternatively, you may opt for couple mugs with your individual names/initials and picture(s) printed on each as a complementary set. What’s more, some couple mugs even have half-heart images imprinted or may come in half-heart shapes as a stable reminder of the unity of your love!

• Customised Printed Coasters, Table Tops, and Photo Frames: Combining utility with beauty, printed coasters and table tops are innovative gifting ideas to lift you out of your boredom of clichéd Valentine gifts. Usually imprinted with a love quote and single pictures of your shared special time, such customization can also be applied to regular photo frames to give it an exciting twist.

For all such online personalized gifts, look no further than Giftalove who deliver gifts with prompt service even to your loved ones staying on distant shores. The website also has combo gift offers for varying combinations of such personalized cushions, mugs, photo frames, table tops etc. along with cards and chocolate baskets as well as flower bouquets as per your budget.

This event-grade yet economical gifts for Valentine are guaranteed to surprise even your most nonchalant partner on Valentine’s Day and seal your love for many more years to come.

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Here are 9 Rarest Flowers across the World you should Know about

Flowers are one of the beautiful gifts of nature!! Their mind stimulating fragrance never fails to bring a kind of soothing and delightful feeling in environment. A single glimpse of flower is as stimulating as meditation. There are so many different types of flowers, some are beauty centred and some are health centred. But, there are also some flowers that work effectively in both the fields, for example, rose flowers are known for its beauty as well as for its soothing effects on skin.

Rose flowers (2)

Flowers like roses, lilies and orchids are suitable choice for gifts. Keeping this in mind, almost every local shops and online portals add flowers in their gifts sections and allow to send online flowers to Chennai, Delhi ( https://www.giftalove.com/flowers/send-flowers-to-delhi.html ), and all over India as well as overseas. Through any type of flowery gifts, you can bring an optimistic feeling in their life. Most of us reading this are familiar with the common flowers like roses, carnations, sunflowers and so on. But, have you ever imagined that there are also some flowers across the world which holds the supreme factor of surprise? Yes, you hear it right! There are some flowers present on this earth which will surprise you in the best possible way.

So, here’s the list of some of the rarest and seasonal flowers that grow only in explicit condition:

1. Corpse Lily

This particular flower grows in Indonesia. This flower is well known for its unpleasant smell and 11 kg of weight. This one is the largest flower in the world.

2. Ghost Orchid

This spider shape flower is an inhabitant of Florida and Cuba. This flower requires high temperature and humidity to grow. One of the rarest factors about this flower is that it has no leaves and due to this it is named as ghost orchid.

3. Purple and Yellow Lady Slippers

This particular flower grows in London. Its purple shade is rarest one that makes this flower one of the most expensive one in all over the world. It usually comes in yellow color and belongs to orchid family.

4. Parrot’s Beak

This flower is as beautiful as peacock feather and found in multiple colors like red, orange, yellow and blue. This multi-color factor in this flower makes it one of the best-looking flowers of the world. During fluctuating temperature, this flowers losses its sign and results in dead.

5. Sea poison Tree

This flower is majorly found in the coast of Indian and Pacific Ocean. Due to its unhealthy sweet smell, this flower attracts the bats and flies at night. One can also use this flower for gifts online as well as decorative purpose.

6. Kadpul Flowers

This particular flower blooms at night and dies before dawn. So, you can consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to see its beauty. This flower is also expensive because of its short life span and enchanting smell.

7. Snapdragon’s Skull

This particular flower looks beautiful when it blooms, but when it fades its beauty it looks like the skull of human brain. One of the most useful factors of this flower is its anti-aging ability.

8. Campion

This flower is only grows in British territory. This flower marked as extinct in 1992, but again rediscovered in 1994. Its short span life time is one of the eye-grabbing factors of this flower.

9. Happy Alien

This flower gives a look of alien and due to this factor many people consider this flower as one of the species of another planet. This flower is just 2 inches tall and of structure like an alien holding a white tray in his hand.

So, with these flower types, you will definitely know about different types of flowers that exist in our world and their significance. Other than that, if you want to buy and send flowery gifts online for your loved ones like an enchanting bouquet of rose flowers, kindly visit at GiftaLove.com, an online portal for every type of gifts from flowers to clothes. Here, not only you find the best quality of gifts but also get these gifts at favourable price.

How to impress your Husband with Meaningful Birthday Gift perfect for summer?

No one can deny the fact that summer is a fun loving season and the best one to make the perfect use of your trendy and fashionable clothes. But, on the other hand it can be exhausting and full of problems. If your husband’s birthday is in last May when summer is at its peak and you want to make it an extra special carnival for him, you have to think something suitable for the situation. Your husband must be feeling tired, exhausted and dehydrated due to this heat, so why not go for some chilling birthday gifts for husband.

You can easily think of many gifts options that can be given to your husband on his birthday, as there is no any hard and fast rule of choosing gifts for summer season. You only have to look after the things that can add a kind of freshness in your husband’s whole day schedule. Your husband will definitely be impressed by your idea of giving something meaningful as a birthday gift, despite of wishing him with some usual and same type of gifts. If you are finding difficulties in choosing gifts, here are few fresh and cool gifts that you can gift to your husband to light up his summer:

Delicious Cakes

Gifting cake is the universal idea that will never disappoint in any season whether it is summer or winter. As we all know, birthdays are meant for cakes and delicious cake present is not at all a bad idea, so on your husband’s birthday try to surprise him with his favourite flavour of cake. You can easily find it online, but always make sure to buy it from reliable portal that offer good quality of cakes.

Birthday Cake

Greenery can be Refreshing

Nothing can give a soothing feeling than being around green plants in hot summer days. Greenery all around will never fail to bring freshness in the entire environment. Presence of a green plant in your room and place work provides a special kind of relief. If your husband is not at all materialistic, then giving this type of gift to him will surely make his birthday surprise amazing. There are many portals you can prefer for this, so buy it as soon as possible and help him to deal with this summer.

Fruit Hampers for Coolness

Who don’t love delicious fruits? Fruits are almost everyone’s weakness, and when we talk about summer, eating fruits is the only way to make ourselves fresh, nourished and hydrated. On this hot summer birthday of your husband, it’s totally your responsibility to give him some refreshing gifts that will give a luxury of coolness to him. And for this purpose, nothing can be better than gifting an appetite and luscious fruit hamper to him.

‘Flowers’ a Synonym of Freshness

Flowers bring a delightful feeling in everyone’s life. No matter they look beautiful or not, their pleasing smell will never fail to cheer up ones mood. Presenting these flowers to your lovely husband in this sunny and moist day will definitely give some relaxing feeling to him. Make sure to buy flowers as per his choice, but try to choose calm color like light blue and light green. A beautiful flower bouquet can be helpful to tackle all the shattering feelings that are a consequence of roasting heat.

Fruit Juice for Calming Effect

Drinking cold and fresh juice is like a dream comes true on this season. One simply cannot get rid of drinking different flavour of fruit juice and normal drink in summer. Giving a Juice basket to your husband is quite good idea to make his birthday as fresh and calm as these juices are.

With some of these desirable summer ideas of birthday gifts for husband, you will surely make his special day as cheerful and fresh as these gifts are. Try to make him realize that you are the one who always take care of his needs whether it’s a bright sunny day, heavy rainy day or a tough stormy day, you’ll be always there for him. To get trickier birthday gift ideas like this and to send gifts online to India and overseas, you can log on to GiftaLove.com, an online portal that provides wide collection of birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Rakhi gifts and many more.

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5 Ways to Celebrate This Friendship Day 2017 in a most Beautiful Way

Friendship day is just one day far and this is what that making us emotional! This year also friendship day is celebrated on first Sunday of August month that is 6th of august. This day is actually for honoring the best ever companionship and bond of togetherness that people have in the form of friends. I am sure most of you are going to be emotional after reading my next question that is what’s your life become when you don’t have any friend to laugh at you, beat you and love you?


People usually take their friendship for granted, but do you ever think how colorless our life would be without our genuine and lovely friends. So, it’s necessary that you should appreciate your togetherness by presenting the best friendship day gifts to your colorful friends. For buying desirable gifts for friends, you don’t have to do much effort, as there are many portals that provide the best collection of friendship day online gifts.

Giving gifts is not only a single way to appreciate your friend’s presence in your life. There are lot more way to rejoice your relationship that not only make your friendship stronger than before, but also make your friends feel their importance in your life. Here are few sweet and adorable ideas you’ll surely love to do on this special day:

Spending a Quality Time Together

Spending quality time with your friends is the best way to celebrate this day. Plan a relaxing friend get together in your own house or any farm house of yours where you parents are not present at the time of your celebration. Download some movies and web series like ‘Friends’ and order some food and drinks from a classy restaurant. After this you all can also go for shopping which is one of the most favorite works of everyone.

What about Sending an Appreciation Note?

If your friends are just resides near your house, this idea will be the best friendship day gifts anyone can offer to their friends. It doesn’t matter you are good at writing or not, as to pen down your genuine feeling doesn’t need any writing skill, but a pure intention. Express your feeling that how much you love and adore them. You can go for a single note or letter including all your friends or you can write a note for all of them one by one. Never forget to include a thank you note for all the things they have done for you.

Surprise them with a Phone Call

In this technological world where most of our communication with people is done though online platforms, a surprising phone call will definitely make anyone happy. It might be a long time since you last spoke to your lovely friends on phone call. Friendship day is one the best times when you should do this ting with great happiness. Give a random phone call to your friends and wish them happy friendship day. Feeling of hearing each other’s voices after a long time will surely make this day memorable and special.

Give them Something they Desires for a Long Time

Your friends must have told the things they are planning to buy for a long time, but couldn’t get a chance to do so. It’s the perfect time to make them surprise with their desirable gifts in your hand. They will surely love this sweet and humble gesture of yours on this very special day. Try to send some adorable friendship day flowers along with gifts to add a kind of sweet essence in your relationship and bond. It doesn’t require giving costly gifts, as to celebrate your friendship a caring step is more than enough.

So, these are some of the best friendship day gifts for your friends that they will surely remember for the whole life. These celebration ideas will never fail to bring a joyous smile on your friends face whenever they remember this day. If you are looking for some desirable gifts options for the best people in your life, kindly log on to Giftalove.com an online portal that provide wide variety of online gifts coffee mugs especially designed for friends, cushions, friendship day flowers and many more. Here, you can also get express delivery and same day delivery option in case you want your friends to get your ordered gifts as soon as possible.