Love Struck Your Girlfriend with these 10 Fabulous Valentine’s Gifts

As the day of love, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, all the lovebirds have indulged themselves in innovatively manifest their feelings for their significant other. A doting girlfriend is the best companion of a guy as well as loves and supports their boyfriend unconditionally. Therefore, it becomes every boyfriend’s responsibility to shower his love and affection by presenting her with fabulous Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend.

The festival of Valentine’s Day is truly a festivity in which the whole world indulges in to celebrate love. Talking about Valentine’s Day and not taking note of girlfriends is not justified. Say “I Love You” to your girlfriend in the most romantic way with the following Valentines Gifts for Girlfriend and tell her much you feel about her.

1. Roses, Lilies, & Carnations bouquet: Flowers make the best Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriends. The beautifully arranged bouquet of Roses, Lilies, & Carnations flowers would be the best way to communicate the feeling of love and affection.

Roses, Lilies, & Carnations bouquet

2. Heart-shaped Red Velvet Cake: Brighten up the occasion of Valentine’s Day with a delicious heavenly cake. Cakes have always been an integral part of any celebration. So sweep your girlfriend off her feet this Valentine’s Day with a heart-shaped Red Velvet cake to celebrate this special occasion. This sweet delicacy will surely win the heart of your bae and make her fall in love with you all over again.

Heart-shaped Red Velvet Cake

3. A Perfect Candle Light Dinner: Though Valentine’s gifts are a trend nowadays, nothing can equal the beauty of a surprise candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day eve. Taking your girlfriends to the restaurants serving her favorite cuisine is undoubtedly an amazing ides to surprise her. Don’t forget to sing her favorite romantic song at the dinner table!

A Perfect Candle Light Dinner

4. Stylish Wrist Watch: Let’s capture the time of love with an elegant yet stylish wrist watch. The trendy wrist watches make the most elegant gifts to be presented to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Whenever she looks at time in this watch in future, it will remind her of the beautiful time spent with you.

Stylish Wrist Watch

5. Silver Jewellery Set: Girls have a special inclination for silver jewelry. It is simple, classy, and trendy. Follow this fashion rule and get a beautiful silver jewelry set got your loving girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. To make the moment even more romantic, just tell her to close her eyes and make her wear it herself.

Silver Jewellery Set

6. Spa Gift Basket: If your girlfriend is a victim of hectic professional schedules, Valentine’s Day is the right time to show that you care for her. Nothing is better than a wonderful Spa Gift Basket to make her feel better and rejuvenated. This basket has some incredible valuables like aroma oils, bathing salts, aromatic candles, lotions, etc. to relax her mind and body.

spa gift deluxe

7. Cosmetics Gift Basket: Girls are avid lovers of cosmetic products. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a Valentine’s Day, the cosmetics gift basket makes a perfect gift to please them. Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, surprise your girlfriend with the cosmetics gift basket made with her favorite brands so that she can look more gorgeous!

Cosmetics Gift Basket

8. Handbag: Women just love handbags. They can never get bored of them. That is why they make the best gifts to present to your girlfriend on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. If your girlfriend is a brand fanatic, then go for the branded ones.


9. Personalized Photo Items: Photographs are an expression of beautiful times spent together in the past. This Valentine’s Day, collect some of your great photos that speak of memorable times you both have spent and cherished. The personalization options include personalized cushions, personalized mugs, personalized photo frames, personalized wall clock, or even a personalized phone cover.

Personalized Photo Items

10. Chocolates: Chocolates are an inevitable part of any celebration. They are the most selling gifts on the occasion of Valentine’s Day owing to the availability of a good number of options. So make your girlfriend drool at the sight of tantalizing chocolates!

Chocolates provides a massive range of Valentine gift for girlfriend that accurately suits her lifestyle and adds a punch of positivity in your love relationship. You can also send Valentine’s Day gifts to India and abroad as well relying on the speedy delivery services of the gift store.


Smart Frugal Lover Choices that Make It to the Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts List

Love, the eternal blissful sensation, is too noble a feeling to be confined to the timed celebration of Valentine week every February. However, in our busy schedule of modern day lifestyle, it might not always be possible to showcase the love or let your loved ones know how much you care. This is where Valentine week, starting on February 7 and culminating on Valentine’s Day on February 14, comes into play.

Traditionally celebrated as the 3rd century Roman Christian martyr St. Valentine’s Day, this is the time to take a break from your monotonous domestic chores and stressful professional commitments and show your loved one(s) how much you cherish the love you share the year round. Thus Valentine gifts have long become a time-honored symbol of demonstrating your love and friendship, whether it is couple love or familial bonding that you share.

V Gifts

Now if you have exhausted your usual quota of gifting cards, flowers, chocolates etc. on Valentine’s Day every year, read on for some interesting gifting ideas for couples at budget-friendly prices.

How to Personalise Your Love?

As idealistic as it may sound, love can indeed come wrapped in a cushion, coffee mug or even table tops or coasters if you are willing to go the extra mile for your partner. Online personalized gifts have made your love life so much easier; a mere click of your mouse is all you need to order your love quotient on Valentine’s Day.

• Personalised Cushions: Envelop your feeling eternally on a cushion to cuddle up beside him/her during moments of love. If you are the procrastinating type still thinking as to where to buy Valentine Gifts for her, look no further than custom-made cushions with you and your partner’s pictures embossed in them. These cushions usually have single or multiple images of your special moments together, printed on them along with other details such as your names and sometimes even stamped with your anniversary dates or love dates.

Fast becoming the rage for unique gifting ideas on Valentine’s Day, these cushions may come with an additional love quote which can be customized as per your preference. Whether portrayed as a single big picture or a collage of your mutual moments, these cushions are sure to bring a smile to your lover’s face and fix it there for many more years to come.

• Illustrated Mugs: Make it a delight sipping your regular cuppa in a coffee mug printed with you and your loved one’s names and pictures on it. You have hordes of choices with such mug gifts and you may include single names, or both your names along with initials, while pictures can be custom-made as either single or college of your best moments.

Now thrash your orthodox ideas of gifts for Valentine with such customization effects incorporated into your regular coffee mug. Alternatively, you may opt for couple mugs with your individual names/initials and picture(s) printed on each as a complementary set. What’s more, some couple mugs even have half-heart images imprinted or may come in half-heart shapes as a stable reminder of the unity of your love!

• Customised Printed Coasters, Table Tops, and Photo Frames: Combining utility with beauty, printed coasters and table tops are innovative gifting ideas to lift you out of your boredom of clichéd Valentine gifts. Usually imprinted with a love quote and single pictures of your shared special time, such customization can also be applied to regular photo frames to give it an exciting twist.

For all such online personalized gifts, look no further than Giftalove who deliver gifts with prompt service even to your loved ones staying on distant shores. The website also has combo gift offers for varying combinations of such personalized cushions, mugs, photo frames, table tops etc. along with cards and chocolate baskets as well as flower bouquets as per your budget.

This event-grade yet economical gifts for Valentine are guaranteed to surprise even your most nonchalant partner on Valentine’s Day and seal your love for many more years to come.

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These are top 7 Romantic Valentine Gifts You Might Want to Consider for Loved Ones

There was a time when it was tough to find Romantic Valentine gifts for loved one and to find such gifts, you used to spend hours together for searching the best gift for him/her. Be it is a gift for girlfriend, wife or husband or boyfriend, gifts when given that too on Valentines’ Day wins every heart. So, choosing the right type of gifts can be little tricky that should be perfect and help you in conveying the expression of love and care that you have in your heart for your valentine.

Romantic Valentine Gift

Scroll down further to check different gift option that you can choose as Valentine gifts for Boyfriend/Husband and Girlfriend/Wife and express your heartfelt emotion to the person whom you love from the core of the heart:

1. Accessories:

When it comes to choosing Romantic Valentine gifts, it varies with the type of person. Don’t you think so? There’s one very beautiful option for a health-savvy man and that is a fitness band or an activity tracker that you can gift on Valentine’s Day to the loved one of yours. Such gift will project an impress about the care and concern that you have for your love.

2. Tech Toys

Choosing Valentine gifts for Boyfriend is much easy as you have a wide range of options accessible online. For a technocrat boyfriend, buy or send gadgets such as video games, tablets, headphones, portable hard disks and other such useful thing and guess the reaction on his face. It will just WOW!! Boys just love to have such gifts on a special day and you can’t deny this fact.

3. A Useful Pampering Kit

Increased pollution, stress and fast-running life have made both men and women become conscious about health. So, a pampering kit for men would be an ideal Valentine’s Day gift that a girlfriend or a wife can give to her beloved partner and let the person feel refreshed. The kit should include after-shave lotion, shaving gel, serum, perfume, face scrub and other personal care products. This will completely be a practical gift that a man will feel excited about receiving it from her. Isn’t lovely?

4. Plan for Surprise Candle-Light Dinner

It is not always just gift that you should give as Valentine’s Day gift to your beloved partner. Instead, if you are looking for romantic Valentine gifts, why don’t you arrange for a candle-light dinner for him/her? Lovely idea that will truly bring charm to the celebration and offer a gold or diamond ring to him/her and make the person feel special and valued.

5. A Beautiful Message on a Bottle

Looking for simple yet romantic Valentine gifts for your beloved? Here’s a wonderful idea where you can write beautiful lines on a piece of paper and put it a message bottle. This is again a romantic way of expressing heartfelt emotions when words fail to speak.

6. Customized Photo Puzzle

For the puzzle lover boyfriend of yours, you can arrange a personalized photo puzzle gifts on this Valentine’s Day and treat him as an extra special person in your life. Just collect some of his favorite pictures and get it customized. There are online gift stores that also offers such facility, just choose the one and send this wonderful Valentine gifts for Boyfriend online. He will definitely love your this gesture of love.

7. Personalized Coffee Mug

When are you looking for a unique romantic gift for Valentines’ Day, how about a pair of Coffee Mug? Isn’t it a dazzling idea to send Personalized Coffee Mug online as a surprise gift when both of you can’t meet on this Valentine’s Day due to some reasons? To bring glory and joy that it adds to the face of the recipient at the other end, get these coffee mugs customized with some beautiful quotes, messages or photo that will make the person feel special.

To get many more options for choosing Romantic Valentine Gifts, Giftalove is an ultimate destination that has helped many people in choosing the perfect gift. Now, when you want to buy Valentine gifts for Boyfriend ( )or any other relation, why to stress out? Just explore the website today and place the order without any hassles. Orders once confirmed will reach the desired destination within the assured time via Standard, Midnight or Express delivery services as chosen by you.