7 Solicitous Ideas of Christmas Gifts to Woo Loving Boyfriend of Yours!

The wonderful time of the year is soon to approach when everyone will get together for the holy celebration of Christmas Day 2017. Wondering as what can be that perfect Christmas Gift for Boyfriend is quite an obvious thing for you. Well you need to worry about it as now you are at the right page. Here on this blog, you will get some heart winning, some unique and some very impressive X’mas gift ideas to shop online.

Your boyfriend is the most loving person out from the world. He is your support, love and one whom you are been loved a lot. So, when Christmas is round the corner, how about becoming Santa for your beloved? After all he deserves the most wonderful token of love from you on this special day of the year.

Here, we go with some fabulous ideas of Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend…

Tea and Cookies Hamper:

For the foodie or tea lover boyfriend what else can you think of gifting and greeting on this Christmas? No wonder a basket full of usual tea, herbal tea of green tea sachets with different varieties of cookies for him to relish while sipping his favorite cup of tea, will make him enormously happy.

Virtual Reality Headset:

Does he desire to own a virtual reality headset to enjoy movies at home with theater experience? Well then this Christmas be a true Santa for him by gifting what he is been wishing to have for so long. But, remember to only invest in branded VRX headset box.

Printed Coffee Mug with Chocolates:

If you want to gift something cheerful to your dearest boyfriend but without spending much for it then this is definitely the best option. A printed Coffee mug with love quote or Christmas quote and been clubbed with chocolates is sure to make him immensely happy. Just fill the entire coffee mug with chocolates for him to relish.
Stylish Sunglasses:

He is loves to be in vogue every time and still you are confused over what to gift him on this Christmas? Girl a stylish sunglass will do the wonders for you to make him happy. If possible then make choice for sunglasses from a renowned brand or the brand he loves. He is sure to wear and flaunt it on day of festive celebration.

Rocking Whiskey Glasses:

Boyfriend of yours loves to have his whiskey in attractive glasses. Well then this time on this Christmas you can surprise him with rocking glasses. These are not just attractive but are loved for being unique in terms of their design. He is sure to love rocking glasses to enjoy his whiskey sips on this Christmas.

Bluetooth Speakers:

Want to surprise him with an amazing gadget? Well then surprising him with a Bluetooth speaker is definitely an amazing idea if he is very much fond of listening to music. All that you need is to buy Bluetooth speakers from a reliable and renowned brand.

Self Stirring Coffee Mug:

Is your boyfriend a coffee lover? If you answer this in yes then self stirring coffee mug is the perfect thing to make choice for and wish your boyfriend ‘Merry Christmas’ this time. He will love to sip his coffee in the coffee mug that will offer him the ease to stir automatically the ingredients in the mug.

Hope ideas in this blog might have helped you in making a decision for the best Christmas Day gift for boyfriend. Well you can also find more such amazing Christmas Gifts online at What’s great is that you can explore and buy Christmas Gifts for boyfriend from this amazing online gift store that also facilitates its customers to buy and send gifts to India and also avail gifts delivery worldwide.


Exclusive and Elite Bhai Dooj Gifts for your Dearest Brother that come under your Budget

Bhai Dooj is the one of the most awaited festivals for brothers and sisters of India. Every year, sisters all over the world are keen to find the best Bhai Dooj gifts for Brother that can make this occasion vibrant than ever. There is no doubt that this auspicious festival marks the chastity of the sacred bond of the brothers and sisters. As a festival successive to Diwali and Govardhan Puja, it adds to the glee among all the family members. Like every year, people will be soon noticed flocking in the markets in the quest of brilliant gifts for Bhai Dooj.

Bhai dooj Gifts (2)

Undoubtedly, the relationship of a sister and a brother is the chastest bond in the world. As India is a land where festivity is observed galore, there are myriad festivals that are dedicated in our country to various relationships. Out of them, there are two significant festivals that are solely devoted to the idyllic bond of brothers and sisters, which are Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj. As an addition to the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dooj is the festival that is celebrated on the conclusive day of five day long Diwali season. The significance of this festival is observed as the sisters all over India queue up at the markets to find the most apt Bhai Dooj gifts for Brother.

As a much loved sister of your brother, you must be having endless options in your mind regarding the best gifting options for him. It is beyond any doubt that your intent on such an auspicious day is to extend as much love to your dearest bro as you can, but your consideration for cost impedes you often. This year, there is a huge array of the all delightful and exclusive gifts for Bhai Dooj that can come within your budget. Here are a few major attractions from the wide plethora of Bhai Dooj gifts:

• Intricately Designed German Silver Bhai Dooj gifts for Brother:

Like all other propitious days of the year, Bhai Dooj is also celebrated with auspicious silver gifts. These days, the bright and alluring German silver gifts are all the rage these days. Apart from being glorious and garish, the German silver items are inexpensive as well. Under your planned budget, you can easily buy exclusive German silver gifts for Bhai Dooj such as the German silver pudding bowls, Stone Studded silver Ganesha, Silver Apple Shaped Bowl with Spoons, decorative German silver tableware and so on.

• Attractive and Amusing Golden Gifts:

Is your brother fond of gold? It is well known that gifting of gold has been a customary tradition in the Hindu culture. But this time, you can add a spicy twist to this age old tradition. This Bhai Dooj, you can amaze your brother by sending him something outlandish and Amusing Golden Gifts such as the Golden Playing Cards, that your bro can add to his collection, the Golden Laughing Buddha or the Decorative Golden cow cart. Such gifts can really fill your brother’s heart with joy and stupefaction.

• Decorative marble home décor items:

Marble is considered as a status symbol by the aristocratic folks. It has been the part of their home, being used in flooring, table tops and walls. Surprisingly, you can now find endless options of decorative marble home décor items and showpieces such as the Marble 3 box set or Marble paperweight style clock with beautiful Meenakari work that can serve the dual purpose of a clock and a centerpiece.

• Marvelous Mahatma Buddha Head Figures:

It is a great idea to gift your brother a beautiful and artistic bust of Mahatma Buddha that can make for most tranquil Bhai Dooj gifts for Brother. This can spread peaceful and pleasant vibes into his mind. You can choose from a wide array that includes Buddha Head Figure in Wood, Beautiful brass metal Mahatma Buddha head statue and many others.

These are some of the best gifting options that are introduced in the latest range Bhai Dooj gifts for Brother this year. You can easily find more of such alluring gifting options on this recognized online gifting portal. is one of the few e-gifting portals of India that are solely dedicated to the online delivery of best gifts for Bhai Dooj ( ). With the fastest network of online gifts delivery, you can be sure of timely delivery of all your gifts to your brother.

Dos and Don’ts of Diwali Shopping No One Ever Told You

A year does not feel like one without the holy festival of Diwali. It is probably one of the most important and popular festivals of India. Being affectionately nicknamed ‘The festival of lights’, Diwali is an absolute favourite of every adult and child in India.

In India, Diwali is celebrated with great splendour. Houses light up with mesmerizing decorations and cheerful voices. Various delicious scents waft in the air, children are playing with fireworks and the whole atmosphere is a joyous one. Exchanging gifts is an important aspect of the festival. Since people usually visit each other on the occasion of Diwali, gifting is a great way to strengthen bonds between people.

Diwali Shopping

Online Sales on Diwali

Many online stores have sales on account of Diwali. If you are planning some Diwali
shopping ( )this is a great to buy gifts without spending extra cash. You can find lots of amazing discounts due to the festive season at online stores. It saves you money and a lot of hassle. You can easily stay at home and make your purchases. Online stores have options for gifting so you can now make sure to share some love with your distant families too.

It is really necessary to make a list beforehand in order to prevent unnecessary expenditure.

Importance of Diwali Gifts

Gifting is a special part of Diwali, after all under the sky filled with fireworks, people come together with a single wish of having a good relationship with each other. You can make someone smile his Diwali by sending them a thoughtful present. Everyone appreciates some token of affection and if you were wondering about a good way to make your new neighbor feel welcomed, this is quite the golden opportunity.

Ideas for Diwali Gifts

Shopping for gifts is not as hard it looks. There are many things that can make a perfect Diwali gift. Although you might need to know a bit about the recipient’s interest to make a thoughtful gift choice, it is not always necessary. Here are some common Diwali gifts that you can give to people.

1. Sweets are probably your best bet because everyone likes sweets. So you can give Diwali sweets to people and make them delighted. If you are not sure about the sweets they would prefer, you can always make a gift of some delectable chocolates.

2. Idol figurines are a really wonderful choice. Since on Diwali people pray to Ganesh and Lakshmi, you can gift your friends and families some beautiful idol figurines as a sign of good will. You have a lot of options in terms of sizes and materials. Crystal figurines, wooden ones or even bronze ones would look lovely.

3. You can gift apparels on Diwali as well but you need to be a bit careful about the sizes after all you do not want to gift something that they cannot wear. Having a bit of knowledge about the sizes and colour preferences of the recipient can help you a lot in this department. Since there are many special offers for the festivals you can easily purchase something affordable.

4. Lamps are probably the most important part of the festival of lights so you can gift some beautiful lamps to your loved ones on the occasion of Diwali.

If you are planning to send some attractive Diwali gifts online, GiftaLove is a one-stop solution for all your gifting needs with its extensive range of gifts and hampers and timely delivery, they would make sure that your loved ones would only get the best gifts.

Here are 9 Rarest Flowers across the World you should Know about

Flowers are one of the beautiful gifts of nature!! Their mind stimulating fragrance never fails to bring a kind of soothing and delightful feeling in environment. A single glimpse of flower is as stimulating as meditation. There are so many different types of flowers, some are beauty centred and some are health centred. But, there are also some flowers that work effectively in both the fields, for example, rose flowers are known for its beauty as well as for its soothing effects on skin.

Rose flowers (2)

Flowers like roses, lilies and orchids are suitable choice for gifts. Keeping this in mind, almost every local shops and online portals add flowers in their gifts sections and allow to send online flowers to Chennai, Delhi ( ), and all over India as well as overseas. Through any type of flowery gifts, you can bring an optimistic feeling in their life. Most of us reading this are familiar with the common flowers like roses, carnations, sunflowers and so on. But, have you ever imagined that there are also some flowers across the world which holds the supreme factor of surprise? Yes, you hear it right! There are some flowers present on this earth which will surprise you in the best possible way.

So, here’s the list of some of the rarest and seasonal flowers that grow only in explicit condition:

1. Corpse Lily

This particular flower grows in Indonesia. This flower is well known for its unpleasant smell and 11 kg of weight. This one is the largest flower in the world.

2. Ghost Orchid

This spider shape flower is an inhabitant of Florida and Cuba. This flower requires high temperature and humidity to grow. One of the rarest factors about this flower is that it has no leaves and due to this it is named as ghost orchid.

3. Purple and Yellow Lady Slippers

This particular flower grows in London. Its purple shade is rarest one that makes this flower one of the most expensive one in all over the world. It usually comes in yellow color and belongs to orchid family.

4. Parrot’s Beak

This flower is as beautiful as peacock feather and found in multiple colors like red, orange, yellow and blue. This multi-color factor in this flower makes it one of the best-looking flowers of the world. During fluctuating temperature, this flowers losses its sign and results in dead.

5. Sea poison Tree

This flower is majorly found in the coast of Indian and Pacific Ocean. Due to its unhealthy sweet smell, this flower attracts the bats and flies at night. One can also use this flower for gifts online as well as decorative purpose.

6. Kadpul Flowers

This particular flower blooms at night and dies before dawn. So, you can consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to see its beauty. This flower is also expensive because of its short life span and enchanting smell.

7. Snapdragon’s Skull

This particular flower looks beautiful when it blooms, but when it fades its beauty it looks like the skull of human brain. One of the most useful factors of this flower is its anti-aging ability.

8. Campion

This flower is only grows in British territory. This flower marked as extinct in 1992, but again rediscovered in 1994. Its short span life time is one of the eye-grabbing factors of this flower.

9. Happy Alien

This flower gives a look of alien and due to this factor many people consider this flower as one of the species of another planet. This flower is just 2 inches tall and of structure like an alien holding a white tray in his hand.

So, with these flower types, you will definitely know about different types of flowers that exist in our world and their significance. Other than that, if you want to buy and send flowery gifts online for your loved ones like an enchanting bouquet of rose flowers, kindly visit at, an online portal for every type of gifts from flowers to clothes. Here, not only you find the best quality of gifts but also get these gifts at favourable price.

How to impress your Husband with Meaningful Birthday Gift perfect for summer?

No one can deny the fact that summer is a fun loving season and the best one to make the perfect use of your trendy and fashionable clothes. But, on the other hand it can be exhausting and full of problems. If your husband’s birthday is in last May when summer is at its peak and you want to make it an extra special carnival for him, you have to think something suitable for the situation. Your husband must be feeling tired, exhausted and dehydrated due to this heat, so why not go for some chilling birthday gifts for husband.

You can easily think of many gifts options that can be given to your husband on his birthday, as there is no any hard and fast rule of choosing gifts for summer season. You only have to look after the things that can add a kind of freshness in your husband’s whole day schedule. Your husband will definitely be impressed by your idea of giving something meaningful as a birthday gift, despite of wishing him with some usual and same type of gifts. If you are finding difficulties in choosing gifts, here are few fresh and cool gifts that you can gift to your husband to light up his summer:

Delicious Cakes

Gifting cake is the universal idea that will never disappoint in any season whether it is summer or winter. As we all know, birthdays are meant for cakes and delicious cake present is not at all a bad idea, so on your husband’s birthday try to surprise him with his favourite flavour of cake. You can easily find it online, but always make sure to buy it from reliable portal that offer good quality of cakes.

Birthday Cake

Greenery can be Refreshing

Nothing can give a soothing feeling than being around green plants in hot summer days. Greenery all around will never fail to bring freshness in the entire environment. Presence of a green plant in your room and place work provides a special kind of relief. If your husband is not at all materialistic, then giving this type of gift to him will surely make his birthday surprise amazing. There are many portals you can prefer for this, so buy it as soon as possible and help him to deal with this summer.

Fruit Hampers for Coolness

Who don’t love delicious fruits? Fruits are almost everyone’s weakness, and when we talk about summer, eating fruits is the only way to make ourselves fresh, nourished and hydrated. On this hot summer birthday of your husband, it’s totally your responsibility to give him some refreshing gifts that will give a luxury of coolness to him. And for this purpose, nothing can be better than gifting an appetite and luscious fruit hamper to him.

‘Flowers’ a Synonym of Freshness

Flowers bring a delightful feeling in everyone’s life. No matter they look beautiful or not, their pleasing smell will never fail to cheer up ones mood. Presenting these flowers to your lovely husband in this sunny and moist day will definitely give some relaxing feeling to him. Make sure to buy flowers as per his choice, but try to choose calm color like light blue and light green. A beautiful flower bouquet can be helpful to tackle all the shattering feelings that are a consequence of roasting heat.

Fruit Juice for Calming Effect

Drinking cold and fresh juice is like a dream comes true on this season. One simply cannot get rid of drinking different flavour of fruit juice and normal drink in summer. Giving a Juice basket to your husband is quite good idea to make his birthday as fresh and calm as these juices are.

With some of these desirable summer ideas of birthday gifts for husband, you will surely make his special day as cheerful and fresh as these gifts are. Try to make him realize that you are the one who always take care of his needs whether it’s a bright sunny day, heavy rainy day or a tough stormy day, you’ll be always there for him. To get trickier birthday gift ideas like this and to send gifts online to India and overseas, you can log on to, an online portal that provides wide collection of birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Rakhi gifts and many more.

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5 Ways to Celebrate This Friendship Day 2017 in a most Beautiful Way

Friendship day is just one day far and this is what that making us emotional! This year also friendship day is celebrated on first Sunday of August month that is 6th of august. This day is actually for honoring the best ever companionship and bond of togetherness that people have in the form of friends. I am sure most of you are going to be emotional after reading my next question that is what’s your life become when you don’t have any friend to laugh at you, beat you and love you?


People usually take their friendship for granted, but do you ever think how colorless our life would be without our genuine and lovely friends. So, it’s necessary that you should appreciate your togetherness by presenting the best friendship day gifts to your colorful friends. For buying desirable gifts for friends, you don’t have to do much effort, as there are many portals that provide the best collection of friendship day online gifts.

Giving gifts is not only a single way to appreciate your friend’s presence in your life. There are lot more way to rejoice your relationship that not only make your friendship stronger than before, but also make your friends feel their importance in your life. Here are few sweet and adorable ideas you’ll surely love to do on this special day:

Spending a Quality Time Together

Spending quality time with your friends is the best way to celebrate this day. Plan a relaxing friend get together in your own house or any farm house of yours where you parents are not present at the time of your celebration. Download some movies and web series like ‘Friends’ and order some food and drinks from a classy restaurant. After this you all can also go for shopping which is one of the most favorite works of everyone.

What about Sending an Appreciation Note?

If your friends are just resides near your house, this idea will be the best friendship day gifts anyone can offer to their friends. It doesn’t matter you are good at writing or not, as to pen down your genuine feeling doesn’t need any writing skill, but a pure intention. Express your feeling that how much you love and adore them. You can go for a single note or letter including all your friends or you can write a note for all of them one by one. Never forget to include a thank you note for all the things they have done for you.

Surprise them with a Phone Call

In this technological world where most of our communication with people is done though online platforms, a surprising phone call will definitely make anyone happy. It might be a long time since you last spoke to your lovely friends on phone call. Friendship day is one the best times when you should do this ting with great happiness. Give a random phone call to your friends and wish them happy friendship day. Feeling of hearing each other’s voices after a long time will surely make this day memorable and special.

Give them Something they Desires for a Long Time

Your friends must have told the things they are planning to buy for a long time, but couldn’t get a chance to do so. It’s the perfect time to make them surprise with their desirable gifts in your hand. They will surely love this sweet and humble gesture of yours on this very special day. Try to send some adorable friendship day flowers along with gifts to add a kind of sweet essence in your relationship and bond. It doesn’t require giving costly gifts, as to celebrate your friendship a caring step is more than enough.

So, these are some of the best friendship day gifts for your friends that they will surely remember for the whole life. These celebration ideas will never fail to bring a joyous smile on your friends face whenever they remember this day. If you are looking for some desirable gifts options for the best people in your life, kindly log on to an online portal that provide wide variety of online gifts coffee mugs especially designed for friends, cushions, friendship day flowers and many more. Here, you can also get express delivery and same day delivery option in case you want your friends to get your ordered gifts as soon as possible.

List of Best Fragrant Flowers that are perfect for Gifting on Various Occasions

Flowers are known for its beauty and fragrance. By gifting flowers to someone, you add the essence of love in their life. Flowers have an ability to fill the air with enchanting scents. So, choose the best smelling flower to send gifts to your loved ones. You can very conveniently send flowers to Pune ( ), Delhi, Mumbai and other locations of various online portals available that are popular these days.


Gifting flower is the special way, to show love to the person you genuinely care about. So, why not gift them a present of natural fragrance that not only refreshes their mood but also make them realize their importance in your life. There are so many flowers which are known for its fragrance more than beauty. Below are list of such flowers. Kindly go through it:


Lilies are one of the most pleasant looking and soothing flower that are popular for both beauty and fragrance. This flower comes in different colors and is perfect for any types of occasion and ceremony. Lily flower is always known for lady bouquet that’s why its bouquet is perfect for sending gifts to all the ladies in your life whether she is your mother, wife, sister and daughter.


Peony is a summer flower which only blooms in the month between April and June. Wait for this time of month for pick up this flower as soon as possible to surprise your loved ones from its natural and soothing fragrance. Its colorful buds are its main attraction and turning point in the field of fragrance. Gift these peonies to your special one and make them happy for the whole day.

Sweet Pea

This popular flower is often used as a main perfume ingredient to add pleasing aroma to the scent. Its light aroma makes this flower different from others. For a bouquet arrangement this type of flower is suitable. Its classic buds are mainly popular for the bouquet arrangement. Show your love to your family and friends by giving a beautiful sweet pea bouquet to them.


This flower has fruity scent that makes this one special. This flower is more popular among European florists, where flower is favored by its wine-like aroma. It has variety of color like white, pink and red. You can make the arrangement of flower bouquet that include a mixture of white and pink freesia to give the soft touch to the flower piece.


I have never met a single person in my life who doesn’t love roses; rose is the symbol of beauty and fragrance. Rose has luxurious fragrance that can truly perfect for the perfume and cosmetic products. This versatile flower makes beautiful bouquet arrangements that are perfect for any types of occasion whether it’s a big one or small one. By giving this type of bouquet, you can evoke the classic romance in your loved ones life.


This flower is known for its robust, sweet and earthy smell. Due to its sweet smell, this flower can be good natural deterrent from pests and animals. This blossom makes stunning addition to the bouquet that results in a spring bouquet arrangement. This plant’s fragrance is amazing and due to this property, day by day this flower is gaining popularity in the field of perfume making.

So, these are the flowers that you can easily give to your loved ones to improve their mood and make the surrounding pleasant. To get more ideas of flower types bouquet and bunches and to buy flowers online, log on to, an online portal for flowers and gifts that make it handy to send gifts to India, US and to any part of the world at preferred time duration.