Five Fabulous Lucky Plants Apt for Gifting on any Occasion!

Gifting has been an important and humble social etiquette since ages. People try to devote all their candid feelings and best wishes to their loved ones through the precious gifts on the special days. Since antiquity, there has been a pleasant custom of gifting lucky plants to the loved ones. These days, the e-gifting portals give tempting offers with endless options of Lucky Plants online.

Lucky Plants Online

The sway of the greenery is much more powerful and inspiring than anything else. The vibrancy of the lush green plants is mesmeric enough to cheer up a distressed mind. Thus, the long standing custom of sending lucky plants and Flowers online has gained much popularity among the folks. These days, the booming era of online shopping has urged many reputed e-gifting portals and online florists to offer numerous options on Lucky Plants online.

If your plan is to extend warm wishes to your loved ones on their special days, you must refer to the attractive varieties of the lucky plants that have been enlisted below:

• Money Plants:

The Money Plants have been considered by many as one of the luckiest houseplants. The reason why they are named so is that they are believed to bring material boon in the house where they exist. Most varieties of Money Plants need a sturdy support upon maturity. These days, the potted Money Plants are available in various sizes and designs. You can easily select the most appealing one for your loved one.

• Dracaena Plants:

The lush green bunch of thick leaves of a potted Dracaena Plant can sooth and refresh anyone’s mind. The dracaena plant is admired due to their matchless beauty and vivid shades. These days, you can also find numerous varieties of Dracaena Indoor Plants that come in attractive pots shaped as animals, which can also serve as beautiful desk accessories.

• Good luck plants with Feng Shui Planters:

Feng Shui items have been revered by many as the ideal Good luck charms. Owing to their increasing demand among the common folks, e-gifting portals have introduced yet another choice. These days, the Good luck plants are available in attractive Feng Shui Planters, such as Syngonium Plant in Turtle Vases, Fresh Zed Plant in elephant vases and so on.

• Coleus Indoor Plants:

Coleus plants are one of the rare species of plants that have bright variegated leaves. They make for colorful foliage. They are available as Lucky Plants online and you can gift them to your closed relatives on every celebratory occasion.

• Alluring and Auspicious Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has been always considered as a good luck charm by many people. A gift of a fresh Aloe Vera from you can work wonders on the mind of the recipient. Besides, this can serve many other purposes such as a health booster in the form of Aloe Vera juice or as a face pack.

These are a few options of lucky plants that can entice anyone at first sight. The evident benefit of sending Lucky Plants online to the dear ones is that they make for wondrous and inspiring gifts, regardless of the occasion. You can find Good luck plants and Flowers online in various arrangements and designs, and in diverse shapes and hues on, the recognized e-gifting portal. This makes it easy for you to pick the perfect choice for every occasion. Besides, their swift delivery network ensures that the plants reach their destination in fresh condition.

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Perfect Combos of Flowers with Cake that can Bring Ecstasy in Your Loved One’s Life

If you are really puzzled on what to give your friend on his/her birthday, the best thing you can do is visit online gifts delivery portals where you can find a lot of gift items, which you may have never thought about. Ever since the beginning of celebration in the history of mankind, flowers have been always chosen as the best birthday gifts for everyone and every occasion. Now, if your loved one lives far off from you in Mumbai, this year you can choose to gift him a huge birthday cake as a perfect add on with flowers via Flowers delivery in Mumbai.

There is no doubt that sending flower bouquet as a birthday present will cheer up anyone at once. However, you can make this occasion even more cheerful with a beautiful cake. It will not merely serve the purpose of gifting, along with that, it will act as a token of devotion you have for your loved ones. It will be considered to be the best birthday surprise ever from a friend. It will surely stand out among all other birthday gifts. Above and beyond, it is best way to presentably and frugally convey your warm wishes to anyone special. Why to waste time on a surfeit of other costly items, which are available in the market. There are many reasons, why Flowers with Cake is the best.

Flower with cake

You can buy gifts online on any recognized e-gifting portal, with various attractive options. This is surely not difficult in today’s techno savvy era. But in spite of that, people do face a dearth of extensive varieties of gifting options. Among a large number of gift options, flowers hold a significant position. Their vivacity and elegance make them one of the greatest gift items of all times. Firstly, they spread the sweetness and fragrance in equal measure. Secondly, they fulfill two important functions in a birthday bash- cake cutting ceremony and the beautiful decoration.

So if your friend or a relative is based in Mumbai, you do not have to worry at all for finding a unique birthday present. All you need to do is to send Flowers with Cake combos through efficient Flowers delivery in Mumbai.


Here are some alluring types of Flowers with Cake that can delight with at once:

Flower and Cake Bonanza:
Strawberries are the most loved flavors for any woman. They love them like the most prized possessions. If they find their favorite Strawberries on their birthday cakes, they just can’t resist their temptation. What will the better surprise for them than to present their favorite Strawberries cakes with the bright red roses? So, this time you must daze your much loved wife, sis, mom or any other special lady with a gift of red roses with Strawberries cakes.

Pink Roses and Chocolate Treat:

Is it your best friend or your dearest nephew’s or nieces’ birthday? In that case, you insist on giving flowers and cakes to them, this is the most sought after option for them. A bouquet of pink rose blooms and dark Chocolate Treat cakes is what makes them totally astonished. A gift like this one can make them utterly delighted on every occasion, other than their birthday.

Colorful Red Rose Repose:

Getting all the happiness for your loved one is not at all easy. However, expressing all your sincere emotions through a single gift can become easiest with a hamper like this one. A vivid bouquet of colorful roses with a dark fantasy Chocolate cake is what makes a celebratory occasion unforgettable. You can even think of other attractive variants of delectable cakes to combine with this colorful bouquet according to your choice.

Perfect Combo to Gift a Special One:

Are you planning to gift your special person a remarkable gift that he or she will never wish to forget in life? This is the option that can help you do so. An attractive combo of yellow delightful Roses bunch combined with a dark black forest cake can really take your love one off his feet. Besides, it will make him realize the true value of your love for him. You can think of other alluring presents to combine with this hamper as to make it all the more attractive and presentable.

These are a few delightful combos of Flowers with Cake that can bemuse everyone at your friend’s birthday bash. You can look for many such exhilarating ideas on blossoms and cake combos on, the famous and renowned online gifting portal to buy gifts online ( ). This reputed e- gifting portal has so far satisfied innumerable customers via efficient and swift network of Flowers delivery in Mumbai. Moreover, it operates throughout the world and caters to the customers worldwide with same dedication and reliability.

Here are 9 Rarest Flowers across the World you should Know about

Flowers are one of the beautiful gifts of nature!! Their mind stimulating fragrance never fails to bring a kind of soothing and delightful feeling in environment. A single glimpse of flower is as stimulating as meditation. There are so many different types of flowers, some are beauty centred and some are health centred. But, there are also some flowers that work effectively in both the fields, for example, rose flowers are known for its beauty as well as for its soothing effects on skin.

Rose flowers (2)

Flowers like roses, lilies and orchids are suitable choice for gifts. Keeping this in mind, almost every local shops and online portals add flowers in their gifts sections and allow to send online flowers to Chennai, Delhi ( ), and all over India as well as overseas. Through any type of flowery gifts, you can bring an optimistic feeling in their life. Most of us reading this are familiar with the common flowers like roses, carnations, sunflowers and so on. But, have you ever imagined that there are also some flowers across the world which holds the supreme factor of surprise? Yes, you hear it right! There are some flowers present on this earth which will surprise you in the best possible way.

So, here’s the list of some of the rarest and seasonal flowers that grow only in explicit condition:

1. Corpse Lily

This particular flower grows in Indonesia. This flower is well known for its unpleasant smell and 11 kg of weight. This one is the largest flower in the world.

2. Ghost Orchid

This spider shape flower is an inhabitant of Florida and Cuba. This flower requires high temperature and humidity to grow. One of the rarest factors about this flower is that it has no leaves and due to this it is named as ghost orchid.

3. Purple and Yellow Lady Slippers

This particular flower grows in London. Its purple shade is rarest one that makes this flower one of the most expensive one in all over the world. It usually comes in yellow color and belongs to orchid family.

4. Parrot’s Beak

This flower is as beautiful as peacock feather and found in multiple colors like red, orange, yellow and blue. This multi-color factor in this flower makes it one of the best-looking flowers of the world. During fluctuating temperature, this flowers losses its sign and results in dead.

5. Sea poison Tree

This flower is majorly found in the coast of Indian and Pacific Ocean. Due to its unhealthy sweet smell, this flower attracts the bats and flies at night. One can also use this flower for gifts online as well as decorative purpose.

6. Kadpul Flowers

This particular flower blooms at night and dies before dawn. So, you can consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to see its beauty. This flower is also expensive because of its short life span and enchanting smell.

7. Snapdragon’s Skull

This particular flower looks beautiful when it blooms, but when it fades its beauty it looks like the skull of human brain. One of the most useful factors of this flower is its anti-aging ability.

8. Campion

This flower is only grows in British territory. This flower marked as extinct in 1992, but again rediscovered in 1994. Its short span life time is one of the eye-grabbing factors of this flower.

9. Happy Alien

This flower gives a look of alien and due to this factor many people consider this flower as one of the species of another planet. This flower is just 2 inches tall and of structure like an alien holding a white tray in his hand.

So, with these flower types, you will definitely know about different types of flowers that exist in our world and their significance. Other than that, if you want to buy and send flowery gifts online for your loved ones like an enchanting bouquet of rose flowers, kindly visit at, an online portal for every type of gifts from flowers to clothes. Here, not only you find the best quality of gifts but also get these gifts at favourable price.

List of Best Fragrant Flowers that are perfect for Gifting on Various Occasions

Flowers are known for its beauty and fragrance. By gifting flowers to someone, you add the essence of love in their life. Flowers have an ability to fill the air with enchanting scents. So, choose the best smelling flower to send gifts to your loved ones. You can very conveniently send flowers to Pune ( ), Delhi, Mumbai and other locations of various online portals available that are popular these days.


Gifting flower is the special way, to show love to the person you genuinely care about. So, why not gift them a present of natural fragrance that not only refreshes their mood but also make them realize their importance in your life. There are so many flowers which are known for its fragrance more than beauty. Below are list of such flowers. Kindly go through it:


Lilies are one of the most pleasant looking and soothing flower that are popular for both beauty and fragrance. This flower comes in different colors and is perfect for any types of occasion and ceremony. Lily flower is always known for lady bouquet that’s why its bouquet is perfect for sending gifts to all the ladies in your life whether she is your mother, wife, sister and daughter.


Peony is a summer flower which only blooms in the month between April and June. Wait for this time of month for pick up this flower as soon as possible to surprise your loved ones from its natural and soothing fragrance. Its colorful buds are its main attraction and turning point in the field of fragrance. Gift these peonies to your special one and make them happy for the whole day.

Sweet Pea

This popular flower is often used as a main perfume ingredient to add pleasing aroma to the scent. Its light aroma makes this flower different from others. For a bouquet arrangement this type of flower is suitable. Its classic buds are mainly popular for the bouquet arrangement. Show your love to your family and friends by giving a beautiful sweet pea bouquet to them.


This flower has fruity scent that makes this one special. This flower is more popular among European florists, where flower is favored by its wine-like aroma. It has variety of color like white, pink and red. You can make the arrangement of flower bouquet that include a mixture of white and pink freesia to give the soft touch to the flower piece.


I have never met a single person in my life who doesn’t love roses; rose is the symbol of beauty and fragrance. Rose has luxurious fragrance that can truly perfect for the perfume and cosmetic products. This versatile flower makes beautiful bouquet arrangements that are perfect for any types of occasion whether it’s a big one or small one. By giving this type of bouquet, you can evoke the classic romance in your loved ones life.


This flower is known for its robust, sweet and earthy smell. Due to its sweet smell, this flower can be good natural deterrent from pests and animals. This blossom makes stunning addition to the bouquet that results in a spring bouquet arrangement. This plant’s fragrance is amazing and due to this property, day by day this flower is gaining popularity in the field of perfume making.

So, these are the flowers that you can easily give to your loved ones to improve their mood and make the surrounding pleasant. To get more ideas of flower types bouquet and bunches and to buy flowers online, log on to, an online portal for flowers and gifts that make it handy to send gifts to India, US and to any part of the world at preferred time duration.