Here’s 5 Types of Cakes to make your Friend’s 25th Anniversary Celebration a Memorable One!

On any celebration, the first thing that comes in our mind is cake. It is the prime concern of yours if you are going to throw a party for your near and dear ones. So, why not do something creative with this prime thing like if you are decorating a 25th anniversary cake, then you can show the journey of couple through the theme of cake. Such creative elements are one of the most creative ideas for 25th anniversary gifts.

25th anniversary is a very big thing which needs many efforts and patience and also demands a huge celebration. There are many big things you can do on your loved ones 25th anniversary, but sometimes little things are more valuable than the big party decoration and all. Cakes can be considered a small surprise, but if you think out of the box theme of cakes, then it will be one of the best anniversary gifts for friend.

Anniversary Cakes.jpg

Anniversary Cakes

Below are five cake decoration ideas you definitely love:

Personalized Photo Cake

This type of cake is mostly popular among youth. So, if you want to buy an Anniversary gifts for friend, try to go with the option of personalized cake. According to the name suggested, this type of cake contains the photographs of the couple decorated in a beautiful way. This cake absolutely makes a beautiful impression of yours on your friend, as they love your idea of giving them a kind of special feeling.

Flower Decorated Cake

If you think that this type of cake has only a flowery taste, then you are partially wrong. Flower decorative cake simply means that the cake is decorated with small petals of flowers which enhance the beauty of cake. Especially edible flowers are used in this type of decoration and are suitable for all types of wedding anniversaries and even for a newly married couple.

Rainbow Theme Cake

It’s one of the most perfect 25th anniversary gifts for a couple who completed their 25 year of colorful marriage. In this theme, rainbow depicts the colorful bond between the couple and also shows how they enlighten their family with their colorful relation. This theme of cake is just decorated like rainbow, as there are no signifies decoration rule for this cake. You have to just play with colors and use your creativity in placing the color piping tips.

Luxurious Cake Decoration

With the name mentioned above, you definitely start thinking many things that are luxurious for you. Stop your mind’s horse and let me tell you that this time luxurious stands for the vine and beer decoration. If your friend is fond of wine and beer, then this type of cake definitely surprise him/her to the fullest. A cake of box shape decorated in an elegant way with the bottles of wine and beer in it makes a luxurious combination of naughtiness and love.

Armed Force Cake Decoration

This cake theme is more suitable for your army friend on his 25th anniversary, but you can also use this cake decoration for anyone because it simply means that all forces and army are with the couple so that their bond could never break. The cake is decorated like a space ship or bullet tank with many army forces saving the tank or ship. This is one of the unique ideas among all five decorations theme.

So here’re the five ideas of cake decoration that you definitely want to give your friends on their 25th anniversary celebration party. These types of decoration not only give the special feeling to the couple but will also make the day memorable for them. To get more such gifts and celebration ideas, log on to GiftaLove, an online portal for all types of gifts for any occasion.


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